Friday, September 30, 2016

Today's Recap, 9/30

Happy Friday!!

Today in Class:
  • Turn in Ch. 3.2 Cornell Notes
  • Flocabulary: French Revolution
  • Exit Ticket (10 questions based on the Flocabulary, see Google Classroom for questions and a copy of the lyrics)
  • Sign up for your Comic Strip Topic (1 of 5 options)
  • Work Period (work on Comic Strip or Ch. 3.3 Cornell Notes)
  • Homework
    • Complete a storyboard for your 6 cell comic strip.  Have a 1-2 sentence description of what you plan to draw for each of the 6 cells (10-12 sentences total, labeled by cell)
    • Ch. 3.3 Cornell Notes
    • Start reviewing for Chapter 3 Test on Friday, 10/7
Helpful websites for creating your Comic Strip digitally:

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