Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Today's Recap, 9/6

I can't wait to see your Absolute Monarch Super Villains tomorrow!!  If you need to see the directions or fill in the boxes of the comic from Friday, please see the link below.

Today in Class:
  • Turn in Ch. 2.1 KT/AB³
  • Finish Absolute Monarch Instruction Manual Comic
  • SOAPSTone: James I Speech to Parliament (Submit to Google Classroom)
  • Homework
    • Submit your completed SOAPSTone (started in class)
    • Finish your Absolute Monarch Super Villain sketch and comic (started in class)
    • Read Ch 2.2 (in the textbook) and begin KT/AB³ (DUE: Thursday)

To give those of you who regularly check the blog a bit of a jumpstart, here are the weekly objectives that I will introduce tomorrow: (Quiz on Friday!)
  • Explain the concept of "divine right."
  • List some of the strengths and weakness of democracy.
  • Describe the characteristics of an "absolute monarch."
  • What factors contributed to Spain's downfall?
  • How did Enlightenment ideas spread and how did authorities respond to those ideas?

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