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Hi everyone!  I am Ms. Scaringelli and I am VERY excited to be teaching you this semester!!

I am a Valhalla graduate (GO NORSEMEN!!) and I'm happy to be back at VHS for my first year teaching.  While I was a student at Valhalla I played tennis and softball, participated in the theatre program, and took stats for the wrestling team. After I graduated I attended the University of San Diego and studied political science and history.  Once I graduated from USD I moved to Los Angeles and worked for a member of the House of Representatives.  I started doing campaign work, and then accepted a position working in the Congresswoman's district office as a Congressional Aide.

During my time working for the Congresswoman I was lucky enough to visit Washington, D.C. multiple times.  I've even been to two presidential inaugurations!  Here is a photo of me with some of my coworkers in front of the Capitol Building in D. C.

DC and District staff on the steps of the U.S. Capitol

After I came back to San Diego I got a job doing community relations work for a large company.  That means I got to work with lots of people from all parts of San Diego.  My boss and I helped organizations in the community who requested donations from my company.  We gave away over a million dollars each year to lots of worthy causes in our community!  During one of the fundraisers we worked on, I had the chance to take a photo with LT!!
Ms. Scaringelli with Charger's running back LaDanian Tomlinson
In my spare time I still play softball and I am a professional photographer.  I have my own wedding photography business and also shoot family portraits.  I love spending time with my family, especially my husband.  We also have an awesome dog named Molly!  This is Molly:

This is Molly.  She's just chillin'.
Was that a SQUIRREL?!?

Last year Molly got a playmate named Suzie. Suzie wants to be on the blog too!
Meet Suzie!

I am proud to be at Valhalla and I can't wait to talk about World History with you!  I am dedicated to helping you be successful in Humanities II this year.  I hope this blog will be a good start in keeping you organized and aware of what we are doing in class.

Best wishes!!

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