Thursday, September 15, 2016

Today's Recap, 9/15

Today in Class:
  • Chapter 2 test results and small slips
    • Test corrections Thursday and Friday after school in 403
    • Bring book and small slip
  • Review parenthetical citations (O.W.L. at Purdue)
  • Sign ups
    • Class Codes:
      Per. 2- 13089461
      Per. 3- 13089477
      Per. 5- 13089483
  • Review of trial expectations
  • Work time in class
  • Homework: Rough Draft of your trial writing assignment (varies by role, see project instructions for specifics.)
Announcement from ASB:

ALL students will be able to select court members using starting Thursday and ending Friday at 3 PM.  

How to vote on Tallyspace
  1. Got to:
  2. Enter: Valhalla
  3. Select: "Go!" by the name "Valhalla High School"
  4. Select: Homecoming Court Ballot (top left)
  5. Enter: ID, last name, birth date, and grade
  6. Vote!
  7. Select: Save My Vote 

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