Monday, September 19, 2016

Today's Recap, 9/19

Mock trial opening statements began today!  Great job with the costumes to all of my Louis XIVs!

Today in Class:
  • Stamp hard copies of your mock trial essay (or questions for the attorneys)
  • Jury members: 
    • Take notes during trial (Who did a great job, who had room for improvement...)
    • Complete the Results of Trial worksheet (Due the day after the verdict, worth 50 points!)
  • Opening Statements
  • Call prosecution witnesses
  • Homework: Witnesses and attorneys who have not gone should continue preparing!
Something to keep in mind as we move on to day 2...

Speaking in public can be nerve wracking for some people.  I wanted to share a few tips to help you present your best self as prepare to testify or question witnesses in front of the class.  

Just remember your PVLEGS!

P= Poise (appear calm and confident and avoid distracting behaviors)
V= Voice (speak every word clearly and use the correct volume for the space)
L= Life (express emotion and enthusiasm with your voice)
E= Eye Contact (connect visually with the audience and look at each member)
G= Gestures (be aware of your hand motions, don't be stiff, and be expressive with your face)
S= Speed (talk with appropriate speed... not too slow, not too fast, use pauses for effect and emphasis)

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