Thursday, January 19, 2017

Today's Recap 1/19

Today in Class:
  • DUE: Ch. 11.4 KT/AB3 (Stamp) 
  • WWI Project Journal Entry #6: If you recently had been victorious in a long bitter war, how would you feel about your enemy? After the war would you be more concerned with punishing your enemy, or preventing future conflicts by creating an equal peace agreement? Explain.
    • On a blank piece of lined paper, keep a log of our journals. 5-9 sentences. Make sure to write the prompt and put the date in the left hand margin.
    • To earn maximum points your entry must: 
      • Clearly answer the  prompt
      • Be thorough (at least 5-9 sentences)
      • Be persuasive, explained completely
      • Be well-ordered and organized
  • Battle #5 Results
  • Simulation Battle #6
  • Homework: Begin WWI project timeline requirements (DUE: Monday)

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