Thursday, January 12, 2017

Today's Recap, 1/12

Today in Class:
  • DUE: WWI Simulation Map (Stamp) Ch. 11.1 KT/AB3 (Late)
  • WWI Project Journal Entry #3If the US were at war and we discovered that another nation was selling weapons and equipment to our enemies, how do you think we would react?
    • On a blank piece of lined paper, keep a log of our journals. 5-9 sentences. Make sure to write the prompt and put the date in the left hand margin.
    • To earn maximum points your entry must: 
      • Clearly answer the  prompt
      • Be thorough (at least 5-9 sentences)
      • Be persuasive, explained completely
      • Be well-ordered and organized
  • Battle #1 Results
  • Simulation Battle #2
  • Lecture Notes: MAIN Causes of WWI Power Point (Finished)
    • Homework: Complete Ch. 11.2 KT/AB3 

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