Monday, October 31, 2016

Today's Recap, 10/31

Today in Class:
  • Due: Ch. 4.3 KT/AB3 (Stamp tomorrow)
  • Cycles of Revolution group poster
    • Join a group of 3-4
    • Receive a location (Haiti, Mexico and Central America, or South America)
    • Create a poster with information about the cycle of revolution for your area. Include a TITLE and SIX boxes of information.  Have an IMAGE for each box.
      1. Poor gov’t: political, social, economic, racial problems
      2. Ideas spread (How? Who spread them?)
      3. Mass protests, riots, violent rebellion (The Spark)
      4. Gov’t relaxes control or strikes back (Which? Examples?)
      5. Revolutionary leaders gain power (Who? How do they gain power?)
      6. Old gov’t overthrown/ new gov’t established (Possible abuses of new power? What happened to old leader?)
    • We will present posters in class and take notes tomorrow.
  • Homework: Bring Ch. 4.3 KT/AB3 for a stamp, prepare poster for presentation tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!!!

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