Thursday, October 20, 2016

Today's Recap, 10/20

Today in Class:
  • Begin notes on Ideologies
  • Work Period
    • Determine you ficticious nation's history
    • Make sure it is BAD (otherwise, why have a revolution?)
      • Political problems
      • Economic problems
      • Religious problems (invent your own religion?)
    • Nation can be anything (in space? Why not!)
    • No nations with racist, sexist, or inappropriate themes
  • Division of Labor
    • Old Nation’s History
    • Revolutionary Speech
    • Propaganda Poster
    • New Nation’s Flag
    • Video
    • Acting (EVERYONE!  When will you film?)
    • Filming
    • Editing
  • Homework: One person from the group submit's the completed Old Nation's History in Google Classroom.

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