Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Today's Recap, 10/26

Today in Class:
  • Peer Evaluation in Google Classroom
  • Review final project requirements
    • Scene: Reports of problems provoking revolution (from Old Nation’s history)
    • Revolutionary speech in front of a rowdy crowd
    • Propaganda poster shown in a scene; type of propaganda explained in the video and the credits
    • A scene of the spark that starts the revolution
    • Interview with a poor peasant who is celebrating as the revolution successfully overthrows the old government/king
    • Introduction of the new symbolic flag; symbolism explained in the video
    • Scene: Examples of abuses by the new government to maintain their power
    • Credits, including group members/contribution, propaganda type, and stock footage sources 
  • Credits: 
    • 1) Who worked on which part? 
    • 2) What type of propaganda is used in the poster? 
    • 3) Cite your source for every clip of stock footage you used.
  • Rubric
  • Homework: Finish editing video and upload link to Google Classroom before 8:00 a.m. tomorrow.

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