Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 2 at a Glance

Happy Monday!  Welcome to Week 2 of Humanities II: World History!

In class we have an entire whiteboard dedicated to giving you an overview of our week "At a Glance."  The board gives you some basic info about what is coming up in class, what is being assigned, and what is due.  Please take an opportunity on Mondays to copy down some of that info into your student planner (or whatever calendar you have decided to keep for yourself.)

Here is a digital copy of Week 2 At a Glance.  (Please note that this document may be updated as we go to reflect any lessons that spill over into the next day, etc.)

Weekly Objectives: By Friday you should be able to:
  • Describe Roman influences on modern western governments
  • Explain what Democratic principles are based on Judeo-Christian Traditions

Today in Class:

  • I will collect the Chromebook Distribution permission slips (last page of document) that were assigned on Friday.  Chromebook distribution will happen tomorrow in the Library and will take most of the period.
  • Due: Ch. 1.2 HW
  • Review Weekly Objectives
  • Assigned: Ch. 1.3 DUE: tomorrow

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