Monday, August 29, 2016

Chapter 1 Test, 8/29

Congrats guys, you have completed your first chapter test!!  We will discuss results and test corrections later this week.  Make sure to talk to me ASAP if you were absent today.

Today in Class:
  • Turn in Ch. 1 HW/Lecture Notes
  • Review Test Rules (see below)
  • Take Chapter 1 Test
  • Pick up a "Monarchs" packet when you finish your test
  • Homework: Begin reading Monarchs Section 1-2 (Key Terms and AB3 DUE: Wednesday!)
  • Week 3 At a Glance

Test rules will apply for every test this year.  They are as follows:

Test Rules
  • No bathroom passes (so go before the bell)
  • HW Packets
    • Staple HW in order
    • Staple Lecture Notes separately
    • Place notes on top of HW and put in the basket
  • Desks at the end of rows should be in testing position (facing forward). 
  • Take out quiet work for after you have completed the test.  You may NOT go into your backpack after the test has started.
  • No talking for any reason after the test has been handed out.  If you need a pencil/eraser/whatever, raise your hand and ask me.
  • NO CELL PHONES.  If I even see your phone, you will earn a ZERO for the test. (I will remind you of this rule, so it will come as no surprise.)  Turn it off and put it completely away in your backpack, NOT your pocket!

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