Monday, December 12, 2016

Today's Recap, 12/12

Today in Class:
  • Chapter 9 Test!
    • Test Corrections after school Wednesday and Thursday in Room 403
  • Collect Notes Packet
    • Lecture Notes- Intro to Imperialism (PPT)
    • Lecture Notes- Race for Empire (PPT)
  • Collect Homework Packet
    • Ch. 9.1 Cornell Notes
    • Ch. 9.2 Cornell Notes
    • Ch. 9.3 Cornell Notes
    • Ch. 9.4 Cornell Notes
    • Ch. 9.5 Cornell Notes
  • Homework: Ch. 10.1 Cornell Notes, Continue working on your mask project
Reminder: I will be collecting canned food until 12/14.  If you would like to use the late passes you collect from donating canned food you may start submitting assignments immediately.  You may submit a late or incomplete assignment for full credit for every two cans of food you donated.  Up to three (3) passes may be carried over into second semester.

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