About Hum II

Hum II Modern World History

This is a tenth grade course designed to help students of all abilities examine the achievements, failures, and discoveries in modern history that have shaped the world we live in today. In this course, we will study the major events of our world’s past, including the Enlightenment, the French & Russian Revolutions, the growth of democracy, the impact of imperialism, the causes and consequences of WWI and WWII, and issues facing the world today.

Students will learn how the decisions made during these eras, and the consequences of these decisions, still affect our daily lives. The class is made up of six separate six week units throughout the year. Each unit will cover multiple chapters with multiple tests and include one project, one major written assignment and a unit exam.

Assessments are weighted a hefty 60% of the overall grade in this class. As such, it is highly recommended that students take advantage of test corrections after school (typically on Thursdays and Fridays after tests). For each question corrected, students can get back half of the point they missed. While half of a point may not seem like much, it can lead to a score of 60% improving to up to an 80%! Even if you do well on tests, corrections may be just what you need to push your overall grade in the class up to the next letter grade!

Read the New Student Information Guide for more info on what you will need to be successful in class this year.

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